God, Science and Purpose Discussion Series

    Churches work hard to spread the good news of Christianity, and there are many excellent introductory courses available. However, someone needs to have a level of interest before enrolling on such a course. In my case, I’d already decided to ‘give God a chance’ before I went on the Alpha course. What might spark that first interest to make time to explore Christianity?

    Western culture has lifted science to an almost God-like status, and many are left with the impression that you have to choose between God and science. Extreme Christians and atheists often reinforce that stereotype in the media, yet if God exists he must be the God of everything, including science.

    With that background, and a strong desire to introduce more people to the abundant life that comes from following Jesus I have developed a series of discussion sessions on “God, Science and Purpose”. The sessions are specifically not a course. We sign up for a course if we want to learn something, but there are no strings attached to a discussion. This could be a precursor to a churches present outreach courses.

    The structure of the sessions is to introduce the prepared material, and then to allow the participants to discuss it.

    The idea of facilitating discussions on God and Science may be daunting, but doesn’t need to be so. I have structured the sessions to follow the sections in my book “The Big Picture, an Honest Examination of God, Science and Purpose” which provides plenty of backup to the prepared discussion material. And being a discussion rather than a course, the facilitator is not claiming to be an expert but is simply offering the material to prompt the discussion.

    I am looking for churches or groups to run the discussion sessions to help refine the material: running the sessions, inviting friends, giving feedback. If you are interested then please get in touch and I will send a leaders guide and sample of the session material.